Welcome to all who love the written word!
At Red Sky Books, we go beyond the best-sellers. Sure, some of those are great reads, but so are a lot of other books that you might not have heard of, ones that are old or rare or in genres that are less likely to end up in the front window of your local chain bookstore. We love all kinds of books, from poetry to short stories to old picture books, on subjects as varied as music (one of our favorite topics, seeing as we’re musicians), architecture, animation, or medieval history. If you give one of us a book, no matter what sort of book it is, we’ll probably read it!

We’ve both amassed an awful lot of books over the years, and we’ve also had the great fortune to borrow and read some truly rare and special works of literature. And so, we’ve put together this site to spotlight some of our favorite books from the eclectic catalog of things we’ve read. Come, look around our site, and bring an open mind. You just might find a new favorite book, author, or genre!

Have you somehow stumbled into our little corner of the Web but you aren’t really all that into the printed page? Maybe you’re one of those e-reader types (though hey, an e-book is better than no book at all), or maybe you just never really got why it’s worth taking the time to settle in with a good book. If that’s the case, look at some of the resources below: They might just change your mind.